Robert Painley
Medium & Intuitive Life Coach

My Beginnings

Robert Painley's Family
Robert Painley’s Family

I have been communicating with Spirits as a medium since the age of 4.  My first interactions were with Native Americans in the wooded area behind my home.  For several years I endured nightly visits from Spirits while sleeping.  It was one encounter with my deceased maternal grandfather at the age of 12 that changed my perspective.  After that amazing encounter, I withdrew from trying to communicate with Spirit because I didn’t know how to handle all of the Spirits that were visiting me.  I enjoyed my interaction with the kind Spirits but was sometimes terrified of those Spirits which were anything but pleasant! For many years I tried to hide my gift  – concentrating instead on those activities that focused my mind on family, friends, and work.  I worked hard at ignoring Spirit for many years.

My Career Before Becoming a Medium

Robert Painley
Robert Painley

While I spent the majority of my adult life in the corporate world as an international business executive as well as in the higher education field, I continued to communicate with Spirits to assist those in both the physical and spiritual plains to ensure their messages were heard.

What Changed My Life Path

Robert Painley Psychic Medium
Robert Painley Psychic Medium

It was an encounter in 2004 that changed my life purpose.  I was approached by another medium at a party who was in contact with numerous Spirit Guides and family/friends of mine on the spiritual plain who I had been ignoring for years.  They knew why I was ignoring them but told me it was now time to fully embrace my “gift”.  This medium instructed me on how to protect myself from negative energy of all kinds and to ensure I only communicated with positive energy moving forward.  My life changed and what I once considered a “curse” had been transformed into a beautiful gift.  I decided to dedicate my time to helping those souls that could not [for whatever reason] find peace or had messages that needed to be delivered.

How I Help People

Robert Painley Psychic Medium
Robert Painley Psychic Medium

I primarily work with Spirits/entities/energy in homes and businesses as well as provide life path information to my clients.  Since I was never comfortable in my residences as a child and young adult, my mission is to ensure peace and tranquility in my client’s residence so that it feels less like a residence and more like a home.  While validations are typically a part of the process, it’s not the primary focus.  With this function of my gift, my calling is to promote a peaceful coexistence between the spiritual and physical plains.  I also do readings for individual clients (which may include the use of Tarot cards) as well as conduct group readings for charities and events. I work with animals utilizing Reiki (when assessing potential health issues) as well as mediumship (often at the point when the companion is close to leaving the physical world.

I provide the following services:


Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions or if I can assist you with your life path or encounters with Spirits that you wish to understand better.