Videos & Testimonials

Doreen’s Testimonial

“We had the pleasure of meeting Robert after being referred by a mutual friend. 

We needed help figuring out what was happening in our home. We always seemed to have strange or unexplainable things happen in pretty much every home we owned, but now something was happening that was down right scary. The worst part was our 14 year old son was being effected and started having serious anxiety. He was hearing whispers, seeing figures, and felt completely unsafe in our home, even our dogs were acting strange, and you could feel the negativity or heaviness in certain parts of the house.  It was undeniable. 

We were at a real loss on what to do. Outside of trying to play it off, that there was nothing wrong, it got to the point where he wouldn’t go into his room alone and refused to sleep in there anymore. It was really bad.
When Robert came to our home, he immediately identified what was happening. He said that there was in fact a negative spirit in our home and it was trying to intimidate my son and was targeting him.  

He spent a very long time with us explaining how and why this was happening and what we needed to do to prevent it from happening again. Apparently, our family and especially my son have some form of a gift which actually attracts spirits good and bad. Robert was able to move this spirit on and almost immediately you could feel the difference in the air.  It was so much lighter and peaceful. 

Interestingly enough, while he was here, we were also able to receive messages from some of our family that passed that wanted to come through. It was so amazing and beautiful to have that experience, after what we just went through.

We are truly Grateful for having met Robert and experiencing his gift first hand. His caring nature and desire to help people really give you hope that everything will be okay. 

I am so happy to say that after he left, everything changed. We all sleep better and my son has returned back to his normal teenage self and is currently learning how to develop and protect himself and has spent every single night in his room since that day.

I would absolutely recommend Robert to anyone going through similar experiences.

Doreen D. “

Lynn Martinez’s Testimonial

Testimonial by journalist and co-host, Lynn Martinez . She discusses Robert’s amazing ability to cleanse her home and connect with her and family. She was very impressed and states, “Robert clearly has a gift”.

Video of Spirit Captured on iPhone

Video of Spirit Captured on iPhone : The video is very dark and is best viewed in a unlit room.

Enhanced Video of Spirit Captured on iPhone

Enhanced Video of Spirit Captured on iPhone : The video has been enhanced by editing the levels, gamma, and adding a blurring filter.

Chloe’s Story

Chloe talks about Robert’s ability to connect and his relevant discoveries.

John Henry’s Testimonial

John-Henry’s testimonial about a presence in his dwelling. Robert helps guide him during a challenging time.

Sarah’s Testimonial

Sarah has chosen to not disclose her identity. She discusses how Robert assists her with difficult family experiences, connects with decease family members, and helps her resolve questions and issues in her life.