Ghost Cactus




$45 per plant

One Ghost Cactus (Euphorbia Lactea) cutting, approximately 4”-6” (potted). Pots and plants are random colors and shapes. Robert Painley blesses each cactus.

General Care:  Ghost Cacti prefer a bright sunny window with at least 3-4 hours of sun daily or very bright light.  Do not plant outside in any planting zone lower than Zone 10. (Keep indoors in zones 1-9)
In the lower zones, you could keep the Ghost Cactus outside in a pot during the Summer months but the plant must be brought inside during Autumn-Winter-early Spring.  (Will not tolerate frost).
 Water thoroughly twice a week for about the first 2 months, then once every 2 weeks thereafter. Do not repot/transplant for at least one year! Plants are extremely hardy and low maintenance, so please do not overwater!


Refund Policy: All sales are final. No refunds.

There is no way to verify care or lack of care with a plant, therefore, plants can not be returned should they die.

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